A Lifestyle Boutique

It started with the "it" bag and now we have reached into the minds of the beck team to bring you all of our favorite items for you & your space

Beck Bags

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Eco Friendly

We wanted a place where we could share all of the ways that we like to impact the earth in a positive way. 

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Next to our bags, jewelry is our favorite accessory. Beck on Broads is home to several popular artisan brands as well as pieces made by the house. We also carry other accessories such as reading glasses, hats and more.

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Beauty & Skincare

We have long been a fan of a quality skin care and wellness routine. Beck on Broad is the perfect outlet to share with you all our favorite beauty brands.

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Outfitting You & Your Space

Curating quality home accent pieces to make your space as cool as you

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What a fun night of shopping!

Jeanette B.

Literally items I didn't event know I needed in my life!

Brittany B.

You're such a bag influence! lol

Meg C.