Hunter Brookes Blackhead Busters

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Our blackhead blasters offer precise exfoliating in the hardest to reach of areas; ultimately leading to healthier and blemish free skin!

Blackhead blasters are silkworm cocoons that have been used in the Japanese and Korean cultures for centuries. The cocoon is made up of Sericin, which is biocompatible and biodegradable, which makes it 100% eco-friendly, along with its ability to be gentle and retain moisture makes these little scrubbing blasters a must have!

In several studies Sericin was reported to improve production of collagen and fibroblast, which is useful in gently firming up the skin and increasing its elasticity.

Super easy to use! Place a cocoon on you index finger and gentle scrub around the edges of your nose, ears and any other hard to reach places, to get that über clean feeling. That’s it, it’s that easy!(One time use only)

Each Blackhead Blaster pack comes with 10 cocoons.